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Stakeholders Highlight the Importance of Investment in Advancing Digital Technology in Africa

The Africa Advancement Tech Summit, which focused on the theme of ``Home Grown Technology in Africa: Developing a Functional Framework for a Thriving and Viable Ecosystem,`` concluded with stakeholders urging increased investment in Nigeria's tech ecosystem to drive further progress and benefit its citizens.
The conference provided a platform for practitioners, researchers, policymakers, service providers, local and foreign funders, and networking communities from Nigeria and the United Kingdom to convene and discuss shared challenges and opportunities in developing the digital technology sector.
More than 250 digital technology professionals attended the conference, which took place on November 7th at the Marriot Hotel in London. The event featured speakers such as Kelechi Anyikude, Santhosh Palavesh, Jean Francois Groff, and Mohammed Jega.
Stakeholders highlight the importance of investment in advancing Digital Technology in Africa
During the event, Santhosh Palavesh, Belfrics' Chief Digital and Innovations Officer, discussed the transformative impact of blockchain technology on the financial sector, citing the popularity of cryptocurrencies worldwide. He suggested that the adoption of blockchain technology across industries in Africa could be a game changer. According to Palavesh, automation is a significant use case that spans multiple industries, making blockchain technology more compelling as industries move toward greater automation.
Kelechi Anyikude, a Digital Marketing Expert, expressed his belief that digital marketing in Africa presents vast potential and significant opportunities for businesses seeking to expand their reach and tap into a growing market. Anyikude explained that by comprehending the digital landscape, being mindful of cultural nuances, and engaging with the target audience in a meaningful way, businesses could achieve success in this vibrant and dynamic region.
According to Jean Francois Groff, Co-founder of KOH Technologies, the prevalence of mobile devices as the primary source of internet access in Africa emphasizes the significance of having a mobile-friendly website and optimizing content and engagement strategies for mobile users. Additionally, he suggested that leveraging chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber can be an effective way to reach and engage with African audiences.
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During the event, Mohammed Jega, Director at Voguepay and co-founder of Domineum Technologies, emphasized the importance of the Nigerian government and BSV educating the general public about the opportunities in the sector. He also stressed the significance of showcasing success stories that could inspire others to explore the sector.
“The adoption of BSV in Nigeria should prioritize job creation by focusing on upskilling and employing developers who possess the requisite knowledge and skills to build on the blockchain and can demonstrate practical business use cases. Such an approach could yield positive impacts on the local economy by generating new job opportunities and promoting innovation in the technology sector”.
The conference ended with the speakers concurring on the immense potential of digital technology flourishing in Nigeria, particularly with the recognition of new technologies like blockchain in the country and efforts aimed at educating and involving the general public in this domain. It remains to be seen what developments will emerge in the coming years with the support of the government and private sector.