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  /  Guiding Principle

Guiding Principle .

Africa Advancement Awards is governed by guiding principles listed below:
  1. Ensure that the recognition is based on the proven track record of contributing to sustainable development in Africa.  
  2. Ensure that the recognition is based advancement and initiatives that have contributed to sustainable development at community, national or regional level.
  3. Ensure that due consideration is given to awards when qualifying and screening recipients and that all approved award recommendations are based on outstanding contribution to Africa.
  4. Ensure that awards are used to motivate and recognize eligible individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to economic growth and other improvements in Africa.
  5. Ensure that awards are strictly meritorious and free from discrimination regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, sex or disability. 
  6. Africa Advancement Forum reserves the right to withdraw the award nomination and conferment on any recipient found to be of questionable character and falling short of moral values. This is to ensure standards are maintained before, during and after the entire award process. 
  7. The award conferment is a reflection of votes of public opinion and nomination, screened by an independent external jury. As such, employees, friends and partners of Africa Advancement Forum does not influence or determine the results of the screening process. 
  8. Our awards advisor will contact successful nominations as soon as the results have been released, and inform you if your nomination passed through for conferment of awards or not.
  9. Successful recipients will be contacted by an awards advisor that will provide guidance through the next steps leading up to the awards presentation event. 
  10. Recipients will be provided with details regarding the gala dinner presentation event including the many opportunities to help promote their awards conferment.
  11. Unsuccessful nominees will be contacted by our awards advisor expatiate on the awards screening process to keep abreast on the status of your nomination and how you can scale up in other areas for better scoring in the next year’s program