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Africa Advancement Forum (AAF) 2023

Theme: .

``Africa Unleashed: Shaping a New Trade Paradigm``


15th October, 2023


Eko Hotel & Suites Victoria Island Lagos

Event Summary

The Africa Advancement forum convenes it's 4th Annual international Summit in Nigeria with theme Africa Unleashed: Shaping a New Trade Paradigm`` this year's summit aims to address the challenges and opportunities faced by Africa in the context of global trade. With a focus on repositioning Africa's image in the global community, the conference will bring together experts, policymakers, business leaders, and thought leaders from around the world to explore strategies for harnessing Africa's trade potential and promoting inclusive economic growth.
Africa, with its abundant resources, diverse markets, and a growing population, holds immense untapped potential. However, it has historically faced barriers and stereotypes that have hindered its integration into the global trade landscape. This conference seeks to challenge these perceptions and showcase Africa's strengths, innovation, and potential as a global trading partner.

Key objectives of the conference includes:

  • Analyze Africa’s current trade position and identify opportunities for diversification.
  • Explore regional integration initiatives and their impact on enhancing intra-African trade.
  • Discuss policies, reforms, and infrastructure needed to improve competitiveness.
  • Highlight successful African businesses thriving in global value chains.
  • Foster public and private Partnerships to promote trade and investment.
  • Discuss strategies for rebranding and leveraging soft power to reshape its global image.
  • Explore emerging trends, and sustainable practices shaping Africa trade Policy.
Through engaging keynote speeches, panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, the conference will provide a platform for participants to share insights, exchange best practices, and develop actionable strategies for driving Africa's economic transformation through global trade.
Our 2023 theme signifies Africa's emergence as a key player in the global trade arena and emphasizes the need for a fundamental shift in perceptions and approaches. It encourages participants to envision a future where Africa leverages its strengths, builds strategic partnerships, and harnesses innovation to carve a new trade paradigm that fosters sustainable development, inclusive growth, and shared prosperity.